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Presentazione - Aprochimide - Distribuzione materie prime prodotti chimici e derivati

L’APROCHIMIDE s.r.l. is a trading company which has a thick distribution net of chemical products and raw materials of national and foreign origin in more than 20 industry sectors on Italian market. We operate since 1965 and have got a large purchasing power due to the important quantities we deal with, and the accuracy in fulfilling all the engagements taken. The suppliers we are qualified at are important Western, East European and Far Eastern producers. Among our customers you find the most important industries in the fields we operate:
  • Paints
  • Ceramic
  • Glass
  • Paper
  • Detergency
  • Galvanic
  • Ruber
  • Plastic
  • Textile
  • Tennery
Thanks to our logistical organization and to our own 30.000 m² large warehouse, half of which is covered, we can guarantee perfect stocking conditions, quality and quickness in delivery. This permits us optimal management of different lots of goods and prompt execution of our customers’ requirements. All the products are distributed by our own trucks and by many strictly selected transport companies or forwarding agents. We also have logistical facilities at main Italian sea-ports from which we manage big lots of goods arriving from every part of the world by conventional vassels. Very important is also our strict coopertion with warehouses located near the ports, that allow us to organize and to mantain a succesful logistic, with a deep care to the service to the costumer.